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Thread: Email likely...

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    Email likely...

    Hi all,

    I've an opportunity to set up a mobile device to access my emails on the exchange server at work, and the devices they're offering are all iMate JAMins, which i don't like. I've got a Nokia E60, and i was wondering if the same CA Certificate that the IT dept keeps muttering on and on about can be installed onto the Nokia I've got to allow my device to get my emails for me?

    If not, is there a relatively simple way to get this set up using the same CA certificate they deploy to the windows mobile devices, as they're saying they don't support any other devices and therefore will not go out of their way to get it working on my device..

    All help is appreciated.



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    Re: Email likely...

    Congratulations on preferring to use a Nokia phone

    I don't believe you can install certificates to it though, for reasons of security. This is a developer forum though, and you'll probably find the general customer support pages at nokia.com are a better bet for getting information needed to set up your phone to receive e-mail. In your particular circumstances, you may need to submit further details of the system your IT department use.

    Probably not the response you wanted, but I hope it helps a little.

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