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Thread: N93i problems

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    N93i problems

    I bought this phone back in February in Hong Kong. The camera has recently stopped functioning properly, when I try to take a picture, it will autofocus, but when I press the button to take the picture, nothing happens, this also occurs with the video recording mode. I tried reseting the phone with *#7370# and tried reinstalling the firmware, but nothing works. Anyone know if there is a way to fix it? or would I need to return it to Hong Kong for repair? as I am home in the United Kingdom.

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    Smile Re: N93i problems

    Hello Briankins,
    Welcome to the Nokia Discussion Boards!!!

    Sorry to say you that this discussion board is for developers support only.
    You may not get answers for such an end user product problems here.

    However you can try on:

    All the best.

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