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    Exclamation how to code a playlist in mp3 player?

    I have finished creating my mp3 player with most functions built into it..
    I want to add a playlist to it. At the moment i am using fileConnection and fileBrowser to search for a song, select it and then play it.
    I now want to select more than 1 song so that the mp3 player plays the tracks one by one like in a playlist.
    Can anyone help me with this, as i have not got a clue of how to go about coding it?

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    Re: how to code a playlist in mp3 player?

    If you can scan the folders, and get the list of mp3 files, then it's quite an easy thing. Store the mp3 files URIs in the String[] array, and display it in your player. Adding and removing tracks is mostly about updating this String[] array.

    After all you'll be able to store this URIs array in the RMS or external file (with your own format and extension, or simply as a txt file). Later on the midlet's launch your mp3 player may try to search this playlist.txt file from the special directory, and display preffered mp3s to the user. Also you can even store in this playlist file some statistics data about played mp3s, just to get the most listen files on the top of the list.

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    Re: how to code a playlist in mp3 player?

    i have tried using the string[] array, but i dont know how to store the path of the song into this array.
    i am using the fileconnection to open the file, so i will need to store the path of the song into the string[] array, and open from there, but dont know what to save to the array? i tried assigning the path to the array, but then when i tested it out, the phone would refuse to open the file..
    Can i get help on this please?
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