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    Want to get MMSsync.sis

    I have a problem on backing up the MMS to the PC.

    I know clearly that there is a software called PC suite support and MMSsync.sis. The the installation of the two programs will be asked after I have connected to the PC suite first time. However, I have mistakenly uninstalled the program such that I cannot back up the MMS.

    I have taken a serveral trials on reinstalling the PC suite with the PC suite Cleaner and formating my mobile but it seems that the statement of asking for the installation can no longer be seen.

    I would like to ask if I can get the two programs installed on my mobile once again. Other than that, may I have the program installed by downloading a file rather than by the PC suite?

    At the same moment, it seems that the back up MMS cannot be read correctly in my PC as I read it from the mobile.

    In addition to the back up by the memory card program in the mobile cannot be used correctly. After I have formatted the mobile, there are always some programs cannot be restored.

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    Re: Want to get MMSsync.sis

    Tried the "Reinstall PC Suite support on your phone" in the "Help" menu of the PC Suite main window?

    ( MMS sending, at least, requires you to also install the "Multimedia Factory" separately from http://www.nokia.com/pcsuite )

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