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Thread: Saving Errors

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    Saving Errors

    So I'm trying to save my theme as a .sis, and I get through the key part fine, and click Finish. Then I get a big ol error box, with what I think is the important part at the end:

    "An exception occured (when parsing line 1085):
    Parse error
    Non-SVG icon can not have an unnamed mask"

    So it seems a simple enough problem to solve, but how the heck can I find out *which* non-svg icon has an unnamed mask? There are hundreds, if not thousands of individual elements, most of which have a graphic attached to it!

    The last line before this (presumably the last successful task) is "NOTE: IID reference (IID=S60_2_6%QsnFrListCenter) is restricted, but shares the restrictions of the compound. Relative validity can not be checked (line 1080)" Which I think gives me a hint as to where I need to look, except there is no "search for ID" function that I've been able to find in this program. Really, I don't even know if that statement is an error message in and of itself, but I can only assume not since there are about 500 lines previous to it that are similar that didn't cause the process to stop.

    I would like to think that I am a savvy girl who has years of design experience (graphic and minor coding languages) and a good head on her shoulders so that I can figure something like this out myself. But one way or another, I am stumped like a clearcut forest.

    And as an aside, which programs can read .svg so that maybe I don't have to convert them to bitmap? Neither Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop seem to do the trick.

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    Re: Saving Errors

    Heh, I guess after a day and a half, there are three conclusions to come to:
    - it's not very busy in here
    - nobody seems to know the answer
    - its such a simple solution you've all assumed I've found it on my own

    I definitely haven't found it on my own, though I have determined that just packing up one of the sample themes works fine, so it must be something I'm doing.

    I'm a little bit disappointed at the user interface of this program (though that's nothing any of you can help with)... a well-designed program shouldn't require reading the manual to get basic utility out of it, or at the very least, if there is going to be an error happening, it should be descriptive enough that I can figure out how to fix it on my own. All I want to know is where the element is that I've "broken" so that I can fix it, but I'm think I'm going to have to start from scratch, and repack it after each set of alterations until I find what I did wrong.

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    Re: Saving Errors

    I sorry I can't help with the saving problem - I also get some weird error boxes ( only sometimes - and I can't figure out why they pop up, because I think I do the things with every theme ??? )

    Anyway you can open your SVG with 'Inkscape' which a freeware SVG editor. It works fine as vector editor in carbide....for icons, background etc etc.

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    Re: Saving Errors

    I'm sorry for what happened. The problem was noticed on 3.1, but, assumed that it was fixed in the latest release (3.1.1).
    If You are using 3.1.1, could You, please, help us discover what is the element causing the problem? Thank You for Your help.

    Please, consider workarround described here:http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...hlight=Non-SVG

    The error message is not descriptive, the problem is probably caused on some of background elements: when pasting bitmap, a mask element is added and it is not supported in element. A workarround would be to use svg on those elements.
    Hope this helps. Best Regards,

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