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    stochastic or instrumental performance evaluation

    I have to develop an application in symbian C++ for S60
    phones that measures the memory consumption and the time CPU;
    I know that performance investigator in Carbide C++ Pro can do the task
    but I have to develop my own application.
    Do you think that it is easy to develop such application like
    performance investigator with a sampler and a profiler or it is better to
    develop some classes to integrate in the lines of code of the
    thanks for help

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    Re: stochastic or instrumental performance evaluation

    I found dynamic memory profiling is possible using following code snippet

    int AllocatedBytes, TotalHeapCells, UsedHeapCells, FreeHeapCells, FreeBytes, BiggestBlock;
    /* Get Process Heap Status */
    UsedHeapCells = User::CountAllocCells(FreeHeapCells);
    FreeBytes = User::Available(BiggestBlock);

    DEBUG_PRINT(("APA: Heap Cells Used:%d Free:%d Bytes Used:%d Free :%d Biggest BlockSize:%d", UsedHeapCells, FreeHeapCells, AllocatedBytes, FreeBytes, BiggestBlock));
    Bino George
    IM: a_binogeorge@yahoo.com a.binogeorge@gmail.com
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