Can somebody give me a technical reason for any (or all) of my 3 questions:

1) why in j2me taking snapshots is very slow if compared to Symbian (especially in snapshots 640*480 and higher ). Even saving to memory is much slower. I know that java is interpreted language and Symbian is compiled. However 3D rendering midlets games etc are quite fast so I am not sure if my first assumption holds.Is the issue device dependent? I am using N80 which have a relatively fast processor.

2)Would these 'problems' persist in future Nokia phones supporting advance JSR 234 (Advanced Multimedia Supplements) or there is no correlation. I think at the moment there are no Nokia phones supporting JSR234.

3) Is jpg encoding implmented by hardware or software. I read somewhere that there are codec chips mounted on the camera itself that transform sRGB to jpg directly.

I am finalising my thesis and I would like to settle some pondering issues I have met in my experience with J2ME (which I have enjoyed) so I will appreciate your comments!