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    Nokia 6680 play video question

    (XHTML + JSP)Nokia 6680 play video question

    Any one know the Nokia 6680 use which software to play the video(3gp, mp4)

    i have try to use :
    <object data="upload/file_uploads<%=search%>" height="200" width="200" title="Play" type="video/3gpp" standby="Loading..." autostart="false"/>

    i can display the video on opera broswer, but on the mobile phone, it said it cannot play.........

    Is it the mobile phone did not have the quick time software?????lot of mobile a use quick time....is it Nokia 6680 did not support??? If i download the quicktime in the nokia 6680 is it possible to display the video????

    Any one know how can i do ???????

    Serious Problem !!!! Very urgent

    Please help me~~~~~

    Thank You all~~~~~
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    Re: Nokia 6680 play video question

    Hi as of I know Nokia 6680 doesnt support quicktime player and u cant play videos or audio through the restricted version of opera browser.Either u need to invoke a j2me based midlet or some other way. As well you cannot install quicktime on mobile since they are not supported by mobile OS.
    So go for some other idea.
    All the best

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