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    internet applications on 6230i


    I have a problem with my phone: I can't use mig33 program on my mobile device.
    I have tried everything I knew, and I can't, the application fails to connect to the internet. Also all the applications that I download cannot connect to the internet (like opera mini). I really HATE THIS about my phone.

    It says that a HTTP error occurs. Can someone please help me with this? I need to use mig33 and sometimes opera, but mig33 I really need and I can't use it. The phone doesn't allow the downloaded applications to connect to the internet. He works fine with its own applications like the web menu, MMS, E-MAIL and IM.

    What settings do I need to set on in order for me to connect to the internet with the downloaded applications? I have a GPRS mobile internet account with my GSM provider. I have received the settings from them. I don't know what settings detect the downloaded applications that makes them not functioning. I cannot set in any manner the configuration settings for the downloaded applications. Software version of my phone 03.30

    Thank you

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    Re: internet applications on 6230i

    Yes, the Series 40 network access point configuration is tricky.



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