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    Weak signal strength

    I have a Nokia 6030 phone. I am not able to get sinal in my room but I can get weak signal just 2-3 rooms away. Can anybody please help me and suggest some thing I can do for getting the reception in my room.

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    Smile Re: Weak signal strength

    Its likely your phone is running at maximum transmit power (nokia's seem shipped this way.. I turn mine down)
    Therefore the only real solution to your problem is to turn your access points power up. This depends on the type of access point you have. You'll have to consult your manual on changing the power output of your Access Point.
    It might be possible to improve the signal just by placing the access point higher in the room - like on a shelf/bookcase etc. the floor isn't the best.

    good luck!

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    Re: Weak signal strength

    Thanks friend for your response. But I take the sinal directly from the my operator's mobile network tower. So I have no access point.

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