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    doubt about views, controllers and window

    heya, i´m making a application, that basically will have 3 controllers (and they have different positions in the screen, i mean there is 3 rects, 1 for every control). They draw in different stages and they are visible in all stages, its an card game, whereas one controller will display Cards from Player 1, other will display Cards from Player 2, and the 3rd will display all the cards left from players (so when a player 1 drops a card only his controller is redrawed and such).

    My question is, for every control that will show anything in the screen i should have a view for it?

    I´m starting with controllers, window and views and i´m a bit confused with views. What they are supposed to do?

    From my knowledgement

    controls - responsable for a rect that will draw to a window, and to interact with control components in UI
    window - will show the respective control on the window

    but what about views?

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    Re: doubt about views, controllers and window

    you can have many controls withing the same view, and as per your application, you can have the controls as a part of 1 view itself ....
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