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    vpn client for 9210


    anyone who can confirm if the 9210 vpn client will ever get public !

    we have bought some 9210i in expection that there is a vpn client as promised. but not so far !

    today i found a ling on nokia's web page : http://nds1.nokia.com/press/photo/hot/jpeg/mobile_vpn_client_hottopics_low.jpg

    can someone comment this ?


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    vpn client for 9210

    I am too waiting for the 9210i VPN client.

    It was one of the marketing argument Nokia used to encourage customers to move from 9210 to 9210i (because it was said 9210i had the VPN client (actually it was supposed to be included in the sales package).

    Over a year after the 9210i launch, still no VPN client ...


    now indicates the mobile VPN client is supposed to ship in 1Q03 ...

    When exactly does 1Q03 end ?!?

    There's also a press release date april 11 2003 stating that "Nokia Makes VPN Mobile".

    Hopefully someone can give us some more precise indications ...


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