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    Maximum players for a game

    Hi pple,
    Is there any maximum amount of players who can play a game above which the SNAP server does not support? or is it up to the developer/ game designer to decide?

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    Re: Maximum players for a game


    that is a good question Gaya3. There is actually no limit for the amount of players for a SNAP Mobile server, lobby or game room. Of course there is the physical limit for the servers, which is probably somewhere in thousands.

    For a game, lobby and game room there is no limit, except as you said what your game design allows. For example you don't want to have a lobby chat with 1000 users. Or neither would you want to play golf with more than 10 people at the same time, you'd never get your turn...

    In the server emulator there is a user limit of 10.


    - Heidi

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