I'm trying to build an application that would get data from a PC server via Bluetooth and then represent it in a mobile device.

Since I would like to use both text and images, I'm not sure which would be the best approach to showing them on screen.

I've been reading about Browser Control API that makes possible to have a browser embedded as a control but I have a couple of doubts about it:
1. Could I use the browser without this API having it as a new view in my application? If not being able to embed it means I have to use it as a new view created from my App it won't be a big deal, since I want to use it that way at the end
2. Is it possible to use the Browser Control API in 2nd Edition FP3? (the release notes say it was added in that version, but the first example of it's use is in the 3rd Edition SDK).
3. Is there any working example of Browser Control API in 2nd Edition FP3? (I've been trying to use the one that comes with the 3rd Edition (of course with that SDK) but, after adding the iBrCtlInterface->ActivateL() before LoadUrlL() (I've read it in other messages in this forum), it keeps doing nothingor giving a "No Page Found" error).

Also I would gladly study to hear any new ideas for showing this kind of information on screen different from using the Browser Control API.

Thanks in advance