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    Sorce Code Require


    I have Installed
    Nokia PC Development SDK 3.0
    Visual Basic 6
    Nokia Model 6080
    Serial Cable attached with PC and Mobile

    Please give me source Code of VB6 to send SMS to mobile.

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    Re: Sorce Code Require

    There is no "Nokia PC Development SDK 3.0".

    If you mean the "Nokia PC Connectivity SDK 3.0", then it is mostly useless with current phones (it is an old SDK that was made several years ago for a subset of Nokia phone models at the time, and it hasn't been updated).

    If you want a more current example, then your organization must be a Forum Nokia PRO member, and then look into the "PC Suite Connectivity API 3.0" SDK.

    Other than that, search for examples using AT commands to send SMS (use is simple in principle; open serial port, write AT command, read response, decode response).

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    Question Re: Sorce Code Require


    i had developed SMS sending and Receiving application in vb6 using AT commands, with my old cell 6230i and it was working fine, but now i have changed my cell, its 6233 and my application is not working with this cell i checked with hyper terminal. when i send AT+CMGL or AT+CMGR
    it says "ERROR" why is that happening if this cell doesnt support the old AT commands then plz let me know where can i get new AT commands supported by 6233.



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