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    Problem with Image.createImage() method

    Hi All,

    I am developing an application which need a picture attachment. For this I wrote a API which first traverses the directory and then after creating image for .JPG extension it creates thumbnail of that image.

    But in this I am facing a problem. whenever I pass a large amount of data say (150 KB), The Image.createImage(byte[], offset, length) method fires an exception as Illegal argument exception, and I don't get Image.
    I searched and found that MIDP has restriction of creating image 64KB. But it is for Palm OS and also for .png files.

    Can any body tell me that why it is failing for JPG images.

    Or any other solution to do it.


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    Re: Problem with Image.createImage() method

    hi vishaljaiswal

    I think that IllegalArgumentException is thrown when the byte[] cannot be decoded.

    I think 150KB for .jpg image is very large

    whats the dimensions of this picture ?
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