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    6600 Memory problem

    I've developed a game which needs around 7 mb to execute. I have a nokia 6600 with an additional 512 mb mem card. I installed the .jar file in the mem card. But does it need internal memory only to run? Can't it run using the mem card? It displays memory full on the screen when the game is about to be loaded.

    Please suggest some remedies so that i can use the mem card for the game execution. This is really really important coz we have to show the demo soon......

    Thanx in advance!!!


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    Re: 6600 Memory problem

    J2ME apps have max mem available equal to the heap size for ur device and i dont think any s60 phone has got such a big heap size(7 mb). Check out the device documentation anyways.

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    Re: 6600 Memory problem

    HI namz,
    As you say u have developed ...maybe its like you are trying to load all your game resourceas at one go..try loading only those elements that are most needed at that instance.For Eg- you could load the elements level by level as they are needed and null the rest whicj are not needed..i am sure you are not showing all the features of your game in 1 level itself...all try runnign System.gc() after nulling your elements. Also try and optimize the images that you are using in your game.. am sure you would prefer to run it a lower resolution then it not running.try and reduce colours ..these takes up major part of your heap...Another thing if have done am not sure is keep the number of classes less.Object oriented programming is ok but on mobiles this technique does not help much.u could also reduce your functions i mean try to find out similar functions and merge them into 1 and use if conditions within.

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    Re: 6600 Memory problem

    hep size for JARs: 3 MB

    try to make your MIDlet less resource intensive as suggested by adilb


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    Re: 6600 Memory problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Namz
    I've developed a game which needs around 7 mb to execute.
    7 MB!!!
    You have to develop your apps in a less memory demanding way.
    1500k heap max used is good, 1000k is better!

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