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    Nokia 6131 as an ISO14443 tag

    I would like to program the Nokia 6131 so it acts as an ISO14443 supporting tag that reacts to a reader.

    1. As a NFC device. It should be possible to make it act like a tag, but most of the (emulator) functions in the SDK seem to focus on turning the phone into a reader.

    2. Are there existing (example) midlets to do something like this?

    Greatly appreciate your reply.

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    Re: Nokia 6131 as an ISO14443 tag

    You don't have to do anything special to "turn" the phone into/make it act like a card. If you place the phone in an external reader, it will be detected as a java smart card and you can use it accordingly.

    For more information regarding the communication between an external reader and the phone, you might find the following thread helpful:

    Nokia 6131 NFC (JSR 257) reader phone communication

    I hope this answers your question.
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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    Re: Nokia 6131 as an ISO14443 tag

    Thanks Raluca_ for your answer.

    It's nice to know that 6131 will act automatically as a java smart card when placed inside a reader's field. But are there already pre-loaded (payment) applications on this "java smart card" or I guess the secure element? If there are, can I make change to them?

    See if I get this right from the previous forum posts. If I want to implement the 6131 to act like a ISO1443B credit card. I'll have to write a Midlet that detects the presence of an external reader. The secure element will communicate with the external reader (does this mean that there is already a ISO14443 section with own PUPI inside the secure element? or can I define it myself?).

    I can then use my midlet to exchange data with the secure element using ISO14443Connection using APDU commands. To do this, I have to first get a signature from third party for my midlet to be able to access the secure element when using a real phone.

    Is these kind of right? Thanks for your patient and replies.

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