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    Nokia 3220 "Tag Emulator mode"

    Hello, we are developing a test application using Nokia 3220, finally we are going to use the following SDK: Nokia_NFC_RFID_SDK_1_1. For a first prototipe we want to simplified the application not using the Secure Element of Nokia 3220.

    Testing, we have seen that Nokia 3220 is detected by our external reader as it was a Mifare 1k Tag.

    is it possible to write from an external recorder in Nokia 3220 as it was a Mifare 1k Tag?

    if this is possible, can I read or write from this "virtual tag" from a Midlet?

    Looking for information in the discussions forums I have seen references to a “Tag-emulator mode” but I have not seen references to “Tag-emulator mode” in the documentation I have.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    Re: Nokia 3220 "Tag Emulator mode"

    For more information about Nokia NFC Cover products, please take a look at the following thread:


    Thank you for your interest!
    Raluca Cindrea
    Helsinki, Finland

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