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    Start Up Tone on Nokia 7373

    First of all, I have to say what a wonderful piece of software Theme Studio 2.2 is! I have had loads of fun creating a Dr Who Theme as I could find none for download.

    However I do have two problems which are

    1) Although I have selected a start up tone on the theme and I have Start Up Tone activated on my phone, I do not get my chosen tone at start up - I get the Nokia default tone. How do I activate my chosen start up tone?

    2) I have a picture as the menu background and this is 128 x 160, however, there is a white line at the top and the bottom which would imply that the picture is not big enough. Any theme that I have downloaded fits perfectly so I was wondering where I was going wrong. Should I make my picture a little bit bigger?

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    Re: Start Up Tone on Nokia 7373

    We are both looking for the same thing ...shutdown or startup sound other than the one our phones came with. Working hard to see if I can resolve this issue also. As soon as I come up with an answer you will be the first to know. I have a different phone than yours, my phone is a Nokia 6126 and for some reason the theme studio is NOT allowing me to change the shutdown sound. I'm just frustrated over this.

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    Re: Start Up Tone on Nokia 7373

    Seems that no one wants to answer...

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    Re: Start Up Tone on Nokia 7373

    I'm not a theme creator but I would not expect you to be able to change that tone, it is part of Nokia's brand identity and thus it is most likely hardcoded.
    -- Lucian

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