I am new to Symbian SDK and trying to install S60 3rd Edition FP1 SDK on my machine. S60-SDK-200634-3.1-Cpp-f.1090b

I have alerady installed java 1.6.0 and carbide C++ Express v1.1 successfully.
But when I try to install the SDK I get the following error, while selecting the installation directory,

"There is not enough space to install these option(s). Please free up some disk space or modify your selections."

There are two things I must tell about it,
1. My Windows System drive is not the usual "C:" but instead it is "J:". Hence when it shows the default installation path as "C:\Symbian\9.2", I changed it to "J:\Symbian\9.2". Also I have installed carbide to J:\Symbian folder itself.
I even tried by using D, E, H drives on my hardisk, but I got same error.
My J:, D:, E:, H: all have disk space more that 5GB each.

2. I did not understand what are the selection options, the error message is talking about. I did not see any kind of selection options to choose.

I tried by creating an empty file "S60_3rd.xml" in the same folder where my setup is present. But unfortunately even that did not help.

My PC's Operating system is Windows XP Professiosnal SP2.
I am logged in as Administrator
I tried with both McAfee enabled and disabled.

Please Help.