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    New Carbide.c++ v1.2 Includes Significant Productivity Enhancements

    Nokia announced today at the Nokia Applications Summit & S60 Summit 07, the new enhancements to the family of Carbide.c++ tools enable developers to effectively address increased project resource requirements and management difficulties that accompany the growing scale, complexity and risks associated with today’s cutting-edge mobile application projects. Developers will also find advanced Performance Investigator tool functionality in Carbide.c++ V1.2 Developer and Professional Edition that delivers greater visibility into critical power consumption and memory usage early in the development process.

    Users of Carbide.c++ V1.2 tools will encounter significant productivity gains through enhancements that include:

    Improvements to Eclipse-enabled code browsing and code completion capabilities across the entire family of Carbide.c++ family of tools, plus enhanced project build functionalities, including new wizards for kit detection and project import, easier and more reliable project creation and editing.

    Improvements to the Performance Investigator tool in Carbide.c++ Developer and Professional Editions, including Power Optimizer and Memory Analyzer, providing capture and graphic display of on-device power consumption and memory usage for targeted software running on the device, leading to more efficient memory and power usage in development of high-performance applications for S60 and UIQ applications ; and,

    New device creation features for Carbide.c++ OEM Edition, including simplified configuration support for JTAG device debugging, a new Crash Debugger interface that shows the debug context of the crash in the debug perspective, and the Symbian OS Data View that enables viewing of system processes, threads, chunks and libraries.

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    Unhappy Re: New Carbide.c++ v1.2 Includes Significant Productivity Enhancements

    True. But still there's no way to import reserved Symbian words or a set of your own reserved words and give them a different color. This has been possible in CodeWarrior almost from the very beginning. Hope this feature will be added soon since it's very helpfull.

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