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    S60 3.1 Emulator not starting

    Hi All,

    I just installed the following to my Windows XP machine:
    - ActivePerl-
    - S60 SDK 3.1 SP1
    - Carbide_c++_Express_v1_1

    I'm newbie in Symbian world and just wanted to start with the easiest hello world application, so I created a S60 3.X GUI application according the wizard. The application compiles well (some warnings only), but I can not either run or debug the application. Sometimes it'll open a blank emulator view and sometimes it'll chrash even before that (exit value 100).

    So, does anyone know anything about that? ...it might be some stypid setting/trick I'm missing since I am a newbie in Symbian world...

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    Re: S60 3.1 Emulator not starting

    Is there any solution for this?
    Im facing the exactly same problem!


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    Re: S60 3.1 Emulator not starting

    i newbie too ...
    i using perl 5.6 using s60 2nd FP3 using carbide 1.2 ...
    i have no problem compile it..
    i using OLD PC.
    now trying carbide 1.3

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