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    Adding properties/resources to an already signed .sis file

    We need to add some specific string values, readable by the application, to each deployed .sis file. These string values will be different for each deployment and therefore it's not possible to add them before signing. Is there a way to add them to the sis file after it's already signed?

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    Re: Adding properties/resources to an already signed .sis file

    No, that's not possible.
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    Re: Adding properties/resources to an already signed .sis file

    You can embed your signed sis in an unsigned package what holds the desired changes. The end-user however will see two installations taking place, the first one with the untrusted warning. On a E-series device the installation may also fail if the original configuration has not been changed.

    On the other hand you application may download the needed string from a server on first run so that you do not need to modify/repackage the sis file.

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