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    Carbide.c++ 1.2 - issues, workarounds and wishes

    I succeeded in importing the whole Python for S60 source into Carbide, compiling it and debugging some parts of it on device.

    My overall experience so far has been much better than with any previous tool for ODD I've tried. Thank you, Carbide team!

    I've found the following two small bugs:

    - The default time given for SIS file installation through TRK is too short. It seems like Carbide sends the SIS file to the phone, issues the install command and waits for 15 seconds. If the installation doesn't complete within that time, Carbide sends the install command again, and again after another 15 seconds. If the third time fails, an error is displayed. The program installation still apparently continues in the background and after waiting for a while you can run the application and debug it normally. The application install timeout should be configurable separately.

    Workaround: Increase the global TRK "Message retry delay" in Run->Debug...->Debugger from the default 2000 ms. 10000 ms was sufficient for the PyS60 package.

    - The error message given if you forget to enter an executable to debug is very obscure -- It's a NullPointerException buried under a nested exception hierarchy. This error condition should be checked and a better error message given. See http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=106689
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