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    Problem with CAknNumberQueryDialog(Lost focus)

    - I have iEdwin (CEikEdwin) in container to type text (SMS message).
    - When user presses command, i make a NumberQueryDialog like this to get number (phone number):
      TInt CMySmsContainer::GetNumber()
           TInt iNum(0);
           TBuf<128> prompt(_L("Enter tel number:"));        
           CAknNumberQueryDialog * dlg = new (ELeave) CAknNumberQueryDialog (iNum);
           return iNum;
    - But when the NumberQueryDialog (dlg) appears. I can't type number on it.
    Focusing is not in this NumberQueryDialog, but it still in iEdwin.
    So when pressing keys, the text is continue t appear in iEdwin, and no number appear in NumberQueryDialog

    Please help me to repair this error.
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: Problem with CAknNumberQueryDialog(Lost focus)

    You can try putting iEdwin->SetFocus(EFalse) and iEdwin->SetFocus(ETrue) around the query-code. However it is only a guess (I have not tested), thus when it does not help, you can still hope that someone else comes with a better idea.

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    Re: Problem with CAknNumberQueryDialog(Lost focus)

    Basically only remmeber seeing this kind of behaviour once, that was when I had dialog, that had a dialog which then had a third dialog in it, all modal and waiting, then the third dialog never got any keys, they all went to the second, propably nothing to do with this case, since it is using a container for the first view.


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