I am making few personal themes in S40 Theme Studio 2.1. I am facing a problem regarding default ringing tone in Sounds tab.

I have copied a ringing tone "myTone.acc" in the phone (6233 Black). I'd like it to be the default tone for all my themes. Presently, I have added the tone file into each theme, adding another 200KB to each theme. But as the ringtone is already copied in the phone memory, I want it to be reused in each of the themes instead of adding it within every theme separately.

Now, I have found out that the in the "Main Ringtones" dropdown list under the Sounds tab, there are some default tones aleady listed for example, "Nokia Tune, Espionage, Trace...". I have observed that if you add one of these tones to a theme, its size does not increase. Is there a way of adding my own ringtone to the default list? Or is there any other way to reuse my ringtone in all the themes that use it?