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Thread: File formats

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    File formats


    Are the files of format .tsk, .zip, .cab and .exe supported on nokia phones ? If so please let me know the models or their platform.

    I also heard that sereies 60 theme formats are only in .sis fomat and that of series 40 are in .nth format. Please let me know if i am right.

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    Re: File formats

    Some Nokia models have a built-in app that can handle .zip files. For some others you can install it separately.

    Symbian OS based phones have .exe executables, however, the Symbian .exe is not the same as Windows .exe or any other operating system's .exe, either.

    I haven't seen any Nokia models with Microsoft's .cab file format support, or any additional apps you could install for that, either.

    .sis is a Symbian installation file format, and Symbian apps and S60 themes are delivered as .sis files. On S40 phones themes use a different format, the .nth, as you note.

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