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    App Exit without Capability

    Hello everyone,

    I just have a little question about an application leaving when it hasnt the right capabilities to do something.

    I have an application where data files are written to my private app folder, which works without capabilities.

    For this i am useing the replace() function.

    Now i had a little problem when i messed up the path for the file so the path was not a valid path.

    some devices returned an error value for not being a valid path and some device s didnt return a value since the app failed the capability check and the app would just exit

    So my question now:
    Is there a way to trap a leave that occource for not having the right capabilities?

    i tried to trap the replace function but the application would still just exit.

    Its not that this is a big deal since i fixed the path messup but in general i am curious if i can prevent my application from exiting when it doesnt have the needed capabilities.

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    Re: App Exit without Capability

    yes, i also notices same thing that some functions just Close the Application with out giving any leave code so can't be traped.

    But i also noticed that some times If you Trap the the Function in which you call the Leaving Function, i am able to tap the leave code.

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    Re: App Exit without Capability

    Leaving methods are marked by their name ending in "L" ... e.g. ConstructL. A method not having this mark in the name will (should) not leave and as such it cannot be trapped.

    RFs::Replace should return an error code (KErrPermissionDenied) which must be properly handled. This of course unless it panics your app but I do not think this is the case.

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