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Thread: 6233 themes

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    Exclamation 6233 themes

    making them using nokia s40 theme studio 2.2..
    and i'm enjoying it..
    but there's only one thing i cannot change..
    am not sure if i just couldn't find how to
    or it can never change at all..
    when creating a new message..
    >create message
    >text message
    without pressing any key..
    just up & down
    u will notice the cursor goes up and down
    that cursor..
    i want to change the color..
    i think the default is light & dark blue
    is it possible to change the color of it???

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    Re: 6233 themes

    Moved to Theme and ui discussion Board

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    Re: 6233 themes

    okay thanks!
    i think it's alrdy moved
    so any help?

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