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    Unhappy N95 WiLan Connection problem

    Need help! My N95 can't surf web. I can connected to my house WiFi but it doesn't works. The error message was 'No gateway reply'! Thanks if someone can assist.

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    Re: N95 WiLan Connection problem

    hey, i'm getting the exact same problem!

    if anyone out there can help out that would be great

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    Re: N95 WiLan Connection problem

    so i got gps working (and it's flipping AWESOME ), got wifi working.

    i still have the problem of not being able to update my firmware.

    whenever i start updating, after downloading the file, it begins for a bit, then gives me an error telling me to take out my battery for recover. i do that and it continually gives me the same error. i've tried plugging it in with different usb cables, throught different ports. still same error. i've tried selecting pc suite as well as mass storage, still same error.

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    Post Re: N95 WiLan Connection problem

    Try formatting you phone use the code *#7370#
    If this still doesnt work then it may be an issue with your
    WLan connectivity. Try to tweak around with the settings of your
    WLan router. ( may be issues with authentication, Wep key etc... )


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    Re: N95 WiLan Connection problem


    No gateway Reply!
    message coming when there is some problem with your WLAN AP while allocating the DHCP IP address to your Device

    when Device does not get IP address from WLAN AP then Device assign itself and if the range of IP address of Device does not match with your WLAN AP IP address then No gateway reply message display from device

    so there are two way you can try

    1- Set your WLAN AP to work as DHCP also
    2- or create AP in your device and set advance settings (IP address, subnet..)
    with the same range as of your WLAN AP

    (e.g if your WLAN AP IP is then your device should have like 192.168.0.xxx, first three digit fixed,)

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    Re: N95 WiLan Connection problem

    What WLAN AP are you using?

    The typical problem for getting this problem with the mobile devices is caused by a) bad power-save implementation in used WLAN APs (yep, there are still plenty of these around and the nasty thing is that typically PC work just fine as they don't use power-save mode in WLAN )or b) asymmetric links (phones hears some links better than it can actually transmit). Either one of these things will cause you not to receive IP-address or getting the DNS-response from the system.

    You might try to turn the power-save off from the phone. If that helps you, then send an angry email to your WLAN AP manufacturer


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