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    Put Symbian Signed Wizard into next release of Carbide.c++

    Hello Nokia,

    Here is my feedback to Carbide.c++ 1.2:
    Please put the Symbian Signed Wizard directly into the next release of Carbide, so that I don't have to download and install it manually.

    I don't want to install Symbian Signed and Subversion plugins, license key etc. again and again with each Carbide release. :-(

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    Re: Put Symbian Signed Wizard into next release of Carbide.c++


    I''ll make sure the Carbide team is aware.


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    Re: Put Symbian Signed Wizard into next release of Carbide.c++

    Thanks for the post on this.

    I have added this to our list of requested features for our v1.3 release. We would need to work out a licensing issue with Symbian if we decide to do this.

    If I could find an easy way for you to install this and your other plug-ins - would this be useful to you instead?

    For example - click during installation you get the following message:

    Would you like to install the following:
    [ ] subversion
    [ ] Symbian cert mgr
    [ ] Nokia tool A
    [ ] UIQ tool b

    And you just click the ones to download?

    Not promising this feature - just asking if this would be a good substitute.


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