I have the Device Connectivity Tool successfully connecting to the ecmt agent (over bluetooth) to a variety of S60 3rd edition handsets.

Using the Diagnostics pane I can see HTTP traffic, running processes, CPU etc. However I can not see UDP traffic in the main Diagnostics Traffic pane. None of the configurable menus on this pane allow you to turn on logging of UDP traffic. The "Monitor" drop down allows "Requests, Content Responses".

However if you look at the diagnostics.settings file in <installRoot>\Epoc32\tools\ecmt on your windows pc you will see that it looks like diagnostics should be able to handle UDP monitoring. There are settings in this file for tcpudp-received and tcp-udp sent. This config file seems to be dynamically written and changing the entries in this file makes no difference to diagnostics output.

Any help in on device debugging of UDP traffic would be greatly appreciated.