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    Re: Audio Proxy Server v2.31 released

    Hi wmseto

    I'm sorry if I double post of my problem here. But I have a weird problem with APS. It seems to me I have all the requirements (MultimediaDD, WriteDeviceData, ReadDeviceData, the same version of APS server and APS client sample)

    But ..

    When I run the APS client sample it shows -5 (KErrNotSupported). I have tried APS before and it was working fine (the loopback works just fine). But because I thought CMMFDevSound (Full Duplex Example) was the right solution for my app ( and because I had to work on other things of the app) I leave the APS idea away.

    Now it seems APS was the right choice for me (As IMHO CMMFDevSound gave poor sound quality) . But when I tried to just install the sample it gave me -5 KErrNotSupported.

    Wonder where did I do wrong? The device is Nokia E90 and the APS Client sample was not changed a bit.

    Hope anyone can shed a light here

    Problem solved. It was because the wrong version. I used 3rd ver APS for 3rd FP1 device (E90).
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