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    Red Key .. Strange Behavior...

    Hi All,

    I can disconnect an incoming call, sending Red key, Immediately after getting notification.

    But If i display a ListQuery for user's choice and then try to disconnect call using Red key, call is not disconnected at all.

    What should be the possible reason??

    (by the way i can answer it any time ... it works fine)


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    Re: Red Key .. Strange Behavior...

    propably its the listquery that is on focus then and thus it receives all keys, nothing strange really in there.


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    Re: Red Key .. Strange Behavior...

    Hi yucca,

    actully i didn't mean pressing Red key manually but programatically. Anyways i solved the issue by re-fetching call status and if it was a ringing state then i used Red key again to terminate the call.

    But If incoming call is disconnected itself then my ListQuery remains on top. I pushed my application in background too but Its Local List Query and didn't destruct untill i press some key. I drew it on an active object then i also tried to delete that object in call disconnection case too, but still no success.

    If i use a global List query then it doesn't come in foreground as default fone's dialog of incoming call is always on top, and comes in front as soon as dialog disappears.

    Is there anyway to set priority of global list query. because atleast it will be destructed while sending application in background. Or what other way I should use?


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