After spending a few days updating our S60 software for the new Nokia 6290, and possibly other upcoming FP1 phones, I think the following could be helpful for a few people, especially those writing more "extension-type" applications that rely on system-wide hotkeys (some of these, especially apps using Edit+something hotkeys, will be in hot water on the Edit-free feature phones anyway).

As far as I can tell, the current S60 FP1 SDK always emulates the "classic" keyboard mapping where an Edit key is available, for opening the text input menu and for highlighting text.

As removal of the Edit key is one of the biggest changes to S60 input UI so far, it would be good to have an alternative skin that accurately simulates the input behaviour of 6290, 6110 Navigator etc., where the "#" key is used for some things that were formerly the domain of the Edit key. This way, software that relies on subtle details of text input can also be tested realistically in the emulator.