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    Jumping obstacle based on blow in microphone

    Hi All

    I would like some information about devloping a game which will be like a simple obstacle race the difference being the character will be jumping the obstacles based on how hard one blows in the microphone.
    Is it feasible using J2ME ??
    What all Apis are required and are there any hardware dependencies ??

    Any information will be highly appreciated.


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    Re: Jumping obstacle based on blow in microphone

    well this application can be built in java but it will require sound processing algorithms.
    The more speed of the air blown higher will be the pitch of the sound.
    The default audio capture is in amr format....but you can capture audio in wav format too....for easier sound processing.....

    The phone only need to support the MMAPI with audio recording capabilities...(system property supports.audio.capture).
    No more hardware requirements....

    best of luck


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