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    Error Msg : NetworkTimeoutWarning[1]

    When I do a gameStart(), I get an error NetworkTimeoutWarning[1] message, wat does this mean? need help.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Error Msg : NetworkTimeoutWarning[1]


    for these error codes and names, and the error handling are explained in more detail in the SNAP Mobile Game Developers guide p. 48 and 49:

    It seems that you are getting the error 989 also called TRANSPORT_TIMEOUT_WARNING. Getting this error for the SNAP Mobile event listener normally means that you have a poor network connection when the commands sent to the server are taking unusual long time (over 20 seconds) to get responces back from the server. When you are getting this error in your game you can decide to either display user a message that the connection might be slow, or wait for another same error to occur and only then display a warning message. In a poor network if these errors are received all the time and you would display the warning to the user for each error, the user would most likely get bored to clearing those messages and exit the online game.


    - Heidi

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