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    Question When will 3rd Edition FP1 Maintenance Release available ?

    Symbian sdk 3rd Edition FP1 does not include multimedia framework(MMF).
    when you see the SDK it shows.
    "This item is not part of the S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS, Supporting Feature Pack 1, for C++."
    so can anyone tell when will 3rd Edition FP1 Maintenance Release(which support multimedia framework) available ?

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    Re: When will 3rd Edition FP1 Maintenance Release available ?

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    Re: When will 3rd Edition FP1 Maintenance Release available ?

    The above link points to the S60 3rd SDK MR.

    The maintenance release versions of the SDKs should not be taken for granted. So far only one SDK had such a update and this was done because there was a clear need for a quality improvement.

    The MMF plug-in published for the S60 3rd SDK MR can be used with the S60 3rd SDK FP1 but it cannot be installed twice on the same computer so you have to either copy the files manually from an existing installation or uninstall and then re-install the package, this time on top of the FP1 SDK.

    Please note that there are reports of incompatibility which are still under investigation by our experts.

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