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    WML -Restaurant Directory System(include reservation)

    I'm now working on a project using Nokia WAP Toolkit 3.0. The title of my project in stated in the Subject. I'm using ASP,WML & WMLScript for the application. I will be using Nokia 8310 to run my application.
    Actually, the project includes a directory page to help tourists who to find Penang(one of Malaysia's states) local food based on the cuisine selected and the user's budget. The second part is the WAP Site will enable the user to make a reservation for a table earlier. If the process is successful, it will generate a reservation number.

    Besides that, I plan to add another function which is user can vote or rate their favourite restaurant.

    I hope to receive some relevant guide or sample coding/source code for my reference. I'm using WML, WMLScript, ASP and Microsoft Access to develop my WAP Site.

    For your information, I'm currently using your Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.0. It works fine even though the software is expired but I can't view any of my .wbmp images.

    By the way, do I need to configure the IIS MIME Types FILEs? My PC operating system is Win98. If so, what is the configuration procedures?

    I hope anybody can help me.

    Thank you very much.



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    RE: WML -Restaurant Directory System(include reservation)


    Based on this information it is difficult to know what kind of help/sample code you would like to have. Could you describe a bit more detailed what kind of a service you are developing? Have you been able to get it work with the Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit 3.1 (which is the latest version available at the Forum Nokia web site)?

    Kind regards,
    Satu/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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