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    How to place a call over SIP!

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering how do i able to get a voice path between two devices who are connected with SIP server.

    Please let me know if any Voice Call framework that i need to use with SIP framework . I really dont know if two devices ve Wifi enabled and connected with sip server then how can i establish a voice path between them.I get stuck at this point please anyone give me clue to get out of it.

    My attentions are developing a SIP Client on Symbain OS and S60 devices.

    Best regards,

    Haroon Azmat

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    Re: How to place a call over SIP!

    You can use Audio Proxy Server for handling the voice stream.

    You can find APS from the following API packages:

    S60 3rd MR:

    S60 3rd FP1:

    A test application is also provided.


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