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    Hide Caller Screen identification

    i want to hide caller screen identification
    i am looking to hide caller identification whenever there is call that i blacklist
    i tried by setting proirity of screen high before matching the number and then setting its proirity low and send it to background
    i tried to set proirity low before closing handle to call but it doesn't acted there

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    Talking Re: Hide Caller Screen identification

    dear Capricorn

    I think this is not possible. The only possible way is by setting priority of your application to supervisor level to hide caller identification screen.

    If you get some solution, I would also like to know the way.

    C P Singh
    C P Singh

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    Re: Hide Caller Screen identification

    Hi capricorn,

    cpsingh is rigth you can't do it because in phone call is a highest priority task but instead of removing the caller window you can draw a transparent window over it.
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