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    reading binary file, load values as int

    So, hi at all. Im new in c++ (symbian). Please, if you know the answer, help me.

    I will to read data from binary file, and load it as int value.

    For example: (file) ...A1...

    In the code i need to load the values A1 as (int) 70, 46.

    The Read fnc works only with TDes8, right?

    TBuf8<1> Var;


    MojSubor.Read(Var,1); // reading single char works good

    TInt NeededInteger;
    // now how to read as int?

    I have been read the SDK, but my english is not 100%
    Thanks for all usable answers.

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    Re: reading binary file, load values as int

    You can use RFileReadStream::ReadInt32L() or some other variants of it.
    Just check RFileReadStream on the SDK Help.


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