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    Problem with local Nokia service centre

    Hi - I have a real problem with the UK - Bath Nokia service centre.
    My Nokia E61 speaker/ringer failed nearly a month ago. So I wrang my local service centre and took my phone in at that time.

    They had told me that the earpiece was broken and said to bring it to their office.

    I waited without any response for 10 days, so I decided to call them and they told me that my phone was fixed and the "ear-piece" had been replaced, - come and get it. They didn't bother to call me.

    It takes me 2 hours to get there - however when I arrived the phone was untouched and still had the same fault.

    They then said they'd send it to Nokia for repair and would be 10 days.

    I got a call from them today and they said that they'd sent it to nokia and the speaker had been replaced.

    I took me 4 hours to get there and get back home, - the speaker works but this phone is clearly not the same phone that I gave them.

    The whole phone looks new, the wifi mac address is different from the phone that I left with them, the keys on the keyboard are not in the same place as before and some of the keys now make russian/ north European symbols that I dont understand.

    I have had to live without a phone for 20 days and these guys have completely screwed it all up.

    I'm concerned that the phone that they have returned to me might be a stolen phone. It is not my old phone despite the fact that they they told me that they had only replaced the speaker.

    I reallly need this sorting out - I need my original phone. Where is it now and why are these guys lying to me?

    I cannot function in business without my phone and this has now been more than 20 days.
    I am very close to calling the local police and accusing these guys of fraud.
    Please help as I dont know what else to do.

    Many Thanks.

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    Re: Problem with local Nokia service centre

    Hi Dougster,

    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with UK - Bath Nokia Service center.

    Unfortunately these boards you have posted your complaint is a site reserved for developer discussions. The Nokia personnel reading these discussions have a lot of experience in mobile development related issues, but unfortunately we do not have direct contact to the end-user support organization.

    Nokia has separate end-user support discussion forums at http://discussions.nokia.co.uk/
    That place would be better place to voice your complaint, or you could contact Nokia Care directly through this page http://www.nokia.co.uk/A4222231

    best regards,

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