I was experimenting with my 6288 and I think I formatted part of the C: by mistake.

It asks for my pin (which I enter). It then displays the Nokia animation. It then goes to a "set time" (I had the battery out over night) for about 1/4 second and resets 3-4 times before it turns off.

Is there a way to force the phone into "Test Mode" or force it to restore the settings?

Old phones have a key combination of
"power off - hold 3, green call and * - power on while holding"
which formats the drive and restores the settings.

Or, is there a way to initiate a USB connection so I can reload firmware with the Nokia Software Updater?

Maybe there is a way to bypass the pin screen and prevent the settings from loading so that I may enter a "secret code" such as *#7780#.

I don't want to take to Nokia Centre as I need to use the phone ASAP and the phone doesn't need full inspection as I know what the problem is.

Thanks in advance!