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    Batch Colourising Icons

    I'm very new to this and i'm still working on my first theme.

    I am trying to change the colours of the default icons. The default colour is a blue and white gradient and i want to change it to a red and white gradient. If i choose colourise then the red is applied to the blue icon which creates a purple icon. I can can change the colours individually in the 'play active indication' window but with a 100 icon to change this will take far to long.
    Am i right in saying this is only possible with an external editor? I have illustrator but again i am new to it. I was thinking about creating some kind of hue or brush that would allow me to edit these quickly.

    Thank you

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    Re: Batch Colourising Icons

    Try to use freeware tool for text files - BK ReplaceEm


    With this you can replace any string (for example color in SVG) in many text files.

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