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    Is There Anyway Too Install Symbian OS 2nd On N91?

    Im totally stuck with this phone having s60 3rd on it becuase of its new securty issues with apps and games(needing certs and .sisx format >.<)

    So a solution i thought of was installing s60 2nd(which works fine in these areas from what ive read) so i can actually use the n91 too its full potentail without all the stress lol

    The thing is im no technical person when it comes too phones lol so what do you guys think or know on this matter?

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    Re: Is There Anyway Too Install Symbian OS 2nd On N91?

    no way on doing that..


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    Re: Is There Anyway Too Install Symbian OS 2nd On N91?

    ok m8 thanks

    Ive just found a few sites with n91 symbian s60 3 specific games on them so i downloaded a few and tryed too install them but i cant

    I use app manage in nokia PC suite(latest 1) too install but they dont work , I get no errors, no messages of corruption at all it installs fine process itself is fine even says install in complete etc.

    But i look in games folder and nothing is there and i look everywhere else and it isnt there at all

    What am i doing wrong? Plz guide me on this step by step plz(ive got nokia n91 4gb version)

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