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    Smile What SDk should I use to develop for my n6630?


    From what I understand Nokia 6630 is an S60 2nd Edition, supporting FP2, device.

    From this link I'm trying to figure out what SDK to download:

    At that page (link) there is a drop-down list where user can select the version of the SDK he need... I'm not sure what to select. I assume I need to select some of them with the text "2nd" - > but none are for carbide (as I understand i, there are one SDK for CW - but I use Carbide). The other SDK in the list starting with "2nd" are for different language support... I don't need that, I prefer English or Norwegian...

    BTW I have already downloaded and installed 3nd fp1 for developing Open C... but I have no device suppporting Open C so I thought it could be fun to do some series 60 coding which can run on my n6630

    What SDK should I use

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    Re: What SDk should I use to develop for my n6630?

    You need the CodeWarrior version of the S60 2nd ed. FP2 SDK for development with Carbide.

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    Re: What SDk should I use to develop for my n6630?

    The CW version should work well on carbide as well, so just take the 2nd ed FP2 CW version.


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    Re: What SDk should I use to develop for my n6630?

    You can use MS DEV also.


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