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    Smile Hello, Starting to use all this. Issue with Map tho.

    Hey all, 1st off.. the racoon map wants to list my cellid tower in central USA.. when im in Virginia. Any ideas there?

    Im not using GPS, just GSM.

    Anyways, so far this is fun to have, the whole send a message thing and so. =) Not bad at all. Would be interesting to make a VNC client next for the phone where you could access your phones menu etc via the web lol.

    But otherwise, not bad at all. Wondering, what mobile thoughts for their sites are they using?

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    Re: Hello, Starting to use all this. Issue with Map tho.

    If you don't have GPS device RaccoonOnMap will take your GSM cell id and tries to find it from it's cell id database. If it can't find the cell id, it will then use country code and puts you middle of the country. This is what must have happened to you.

    Currently RaccoonOnMap has 24 cells from USA in its database. All GPS owners are welcome to fill the database


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