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    RE: Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers

    Dear Sir,

    Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Ms. Tamara Foubert, of The Ringtone Producers Alliance. The RPA specialises in the production of high quality polyphonic ringing melodies and it is an alliance of major EU MIDI file producers.

    We are a pan-European joint venture organisation comprising of several production companies in Belgium, Danmark and the UK. Our companies have been supplying the professional MIDI industry in the EU since 1989 .

    Our extensive, and fully licensed, MIDI library consists of UK/US and European titles with over 3000 songs currently being converted to polyphonic ring tones (256 already made - 30 new releases a month).
    Examples of our work can be auditioned at www.ringtoneproducers.com.

    We produce ring tones in 4, 8, 16 and 24 polyphony supporting; SP-MIDI, SMAF and iMelody formats plus we provide audio references in 4 and 16 voice MP3 format of every ring tone for auditioning purposes.

    We are currently working with several European ring tone distributors and RTA members have experience in the supply of ring tones to companies such as Nokia, Orange and the Disney Corporation.

    We would welcome an opportunity to discuss content provision in greater detail and to see if a long term relationship can be developed between our two companies.


    Tamara Foubert
    Ringtone Producers Alliance
    +32 3 771 43 15

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    RE: Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers

    We are company developing Polyphonic Ringtones in SP-MIDI and SMAF format. As well as the tones we can provide you with a full delivery platform. Should you require more information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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    RE: Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers

    Hi Simon,

    I am Maria and I knew you were looking for developers/agencies who could produce polyphonic ringtones. Webware is a producer of contents for Mobile Fun in Portugal and have a catalogue of polyphonic ringtones as you could see with the ones I am sending you. We also own several sites about telecomunication in differente countries like Spain (www.telefonos-moviles.com ), Latin America (www.maximovil.com ), Portugal (www.telemoveis.com ),...

    Any other information you need please ask me.

    Best regards

    Maria Miguens
    Webware - Infopulse Portugal
    P. Duque de Saldanha, 1
    Ed. Atrium do Saldanha, 8 I
    Lisboa - Portugal

    tel: +351 213 582 575 fax: +351 213 582 574

    http://www.webware.pt - http://www.infopulse.pt

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    Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers

    Hi, I'm looking for developers/agencies who can produce polyphonic ringtones. Preferably you're in the UK or Europe. If that's you, please get in touch with me - simon@turner.com, Thanks.

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    RE: Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers

    I tried to email simon@turner.com, but it returns as undeliverable:

    Dear sir,

    I am representing a private company that provides content (ringtones & logos) to a major operator in Greece. We have just recently created polyphonic ringtones for the operator?s new MMS service.

    In our agreements we use revenue sharing and we create ringtones for Nokia phones that support polyphonic ringtones. We can provide you with ringtones for Nokia 3510, 6610 and 7210 that can play 4 notes at the same time, and separate ones for 7650 that plays 16 notes at the same time. The format is SP-MIDI.

    We would like to hear the business model you have in mind and more about the purpose of your request.

    Also, make a request for a song or two that you would like us to create as a sample file for you to listen and tryout.

    With regards,

    George Hatzellis

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    RE: Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers


    if we are talking tones, we can deliver you some samples. For Logos, we refer you to our site www.gsmonline.be

    We provide 4-polyphonics and 16-polyphonics for Nokia 3510, 7210, 7650 and forthcoming models

    The Nokia 16 files can be used too for Motorola T720 and SonyEricsson T300. On demand we can provide Samsung ringtones too, as we are a Samsung certifed content provider

    Delivery Method : ESD plus CD (including Excel file with Songnames and 'our' article numbers) That way you can have a unique content of more then 275 HQ polyphonic tones up and running +/- 24h after payment

    Guido Brockmann
    CEO emobilo s.a./nv
    Rue Paul Lautersstraat 10
    B-1050 Bruxelles/Brussel
    VAT : BE 472.993.675
    Tel +32.2.534.03.22
    GSM +
    e-mail guido@emobilo.com
    Visit www.gsmonline.be Belgium's first mobile phone superstore and www.email2sms.be for professional SMS solutions

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    Talking Re: Looking for Polyphonic Ringtone Developers

    I've started a site dedicated to Ringtone Producers a few years back and only now happened to come across this thread. Visit http://www.ringtone-producer.com for more info. I also write a monthly article about the latest ringtone trends around the world.

    If you have interesting information to share, contact me on the site!


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